26 minutes | Jul 31st 2019

The Biggest Lie And The Tone Deaf Test

In this episode I wanted to dispel one the most, if the not the most, blatant lies about singing. It is the first and biggest barrier to singing – Tone Deafness.  It is also disguised as what is known as the ‘It Factor’.  It is a widely accepted phrase and is complete B.S.  “You either have it or you don’t”. So, in this episode I’m going to cover the following: An infallible test that proves someone isn’t tone deaf. The difference between someone who is Tone Deficient and someone who can sing. How to teach someone who is Tone Deficient how to sing. Listening Exercises to increase tone efficiency. Singing Exercises to practice Intonation. Let me know if you have any questions in the comments and as always… Happy Singing! Michael The post The Biggest Lie And The Tone Deaf Test appeared first on Singing From Scratch.
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