21 minutes | Aug 21st 2019

How To Sing Harmonies – Part 3

Welcome back to final part in a 3 part series on How To Sing Harmonies.  As I go over in the intro, this episode is released late due to A/C leaking problems here at the studio.  Had to vacate for a bit.  But we’re back and rockin’ away.  In this episode I’m actually borrowing the audio from a YouTube video I did on How To Sing Simple Harmonies. Not really borrowing, as the entire purpose of recording the video was to ALSO create the audio for this podcast.  I did it this way simply because I was able to get good stereo separation from the video sound in order to separate the different parts for you in your ears, as you will soon hear. Here’s what I go over in this podcast: Answer a listener’s question about where I got the podcast intro song I use Sing On Yeah!  You might be surprised at the answer lol!! How the exercises are laid out and how to practice them. 3 parts demonstrated. Melody Primary Notes Exercise 3rd Part Harmony Primary Notes Exercise 5th Part Harmony Primary Notes Exercise Melody, 3rd, and 5th full notes with transition notes Exercise. Singing each part with me with stereo separation Exercise. Conclusion Let me know if you have any questions.  Until then.. Sing On! Michael The post How To Sing Harmonies – Part 3 appeared first on Singing From Scratch.
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