39 minutes | Aug 12th 2020

Lorraine Lawson, Top Vocal Coach, Singer, Songwriter, Producer

Hello and welcome to episode 50 of Sing! Dance! Act! Thrive!Anyone else feel like saying “Let’s try that again!” What a strange time we’re going through, and even though you might be dreaming of rolling back the clock to January and starting again, I believe we can learn from our current situation instead.Maybe you’re feeling guilty for not always being 100% productive all the time. Maybe you had BIG plans for your career and you’ve watched those come to a screeching halt.I’m here to tell you it’s okay! That’s normal!My business has changed as well and I’m so grateful that I can help musicians and actors build confidence, get known, and achieve goals so that you can cultivate a thriving career in the arts without feeling overwhelmed or doubting yourself.I know that often times it is fear and a lack of knowledge in certain areas that hold us back from achieving our goals. That is why to kickstart Fall 2020, I’m offering a free coaching session just for YOU!No, we can’t start again, but we can move forward making the best of what we have.Tell me, will you make the commitment to move forward? Book your free session by visiting http://dianefoy.com/thrive and let's set you up to rock 2021!Now today’s guest is one of the most successful vocal coaches in North America, Lorraine Lawson is privileged to be the Vocal Coach for CTV’s ‘The Launch' and Season 5 of the hit show ‘Schitt’s Creek’. Other clients include Grammy nominee Kai, dance sensation; Blake McGrath, Canadian superstars Roy Woods (OVO), Kira Isabella, Scott Helman (Warner). She also works with Musical Theatre and TV Actors such as Ian Lake, Brenton Thwaites, and Emily Hampshire.Deemed “Canada’s Mariah Carey” by the National Post, Lorraine has released three critically-acclaimed jazz and pop albums, countless dance singles, radio jingles, and has performed all over the world.Lorraine is the proud founder of Lawson Vocal Studios where she is able to combine her years of experience coaching, recording, and performing. She is committed to providing singers with innovative programming and achieving exceptional results.For links and a transcript visit http://singdanceactthrive.com/050  
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