36 minutes | Nov 27th 2020

Financial Freedom for Creatives with Katy Chen Mazzara

Hello and welcome to episode 55 of Sing! Dance! Act! Thrive!

Can I be real with you for a moment? My biggest goal for my coaching business is to help thousands of unstoppable musicians and actors like you attract fans, media, and industry so that you can book gigs and make money with your talents.

The plan to get there? By teaching and supporting one artist at a time through my 6 phase roadmap that focuses on small steps and consistency to succeed. 

Easy as that. The same goes for building your career, attract one superfan or industry supporter at a time by showing up consistently and authentically. You can click the link in the show notes to download the free resource How to attract fans, media, and industry for musicians and actors at http://singdanceactthrive.com/freebie

The making money part of the equation is the tough part as Money can be emotional. Our fears around it can overwhelm us, and even if it’s not true...when we just don’t feel like we have enough, our minds tend to go to the worst places, right? That's why I want to introduce you to Katy Chen Mazzara!

Katy is a financial coach who helps creative types make more, worry less, and create true financial freedom. We have the same business coach and I heard her speak at a coaching virtual retreat that we had and I immediately knew that I had to work with her. Then I thought you would benefit from her practical tools and spiritual practices to get you where you want to be with your finances so I invited her on the show. 

Katy is holding a Masterclass, starting December 8th, and in that Masterclass, she's going to teach you her 6 Steps to Financial Freedom, as well as coach and answer your personal financial questions! 

And...what I can't believe is...she's doing it for FREE...to really help you to put a plan together for the new year, so that 2021 can be the year you make more money, pay off debts, buy a house, get started on an investment account or whatever your financial priorities may be! Sign up NOW for the FREE Masterclass so you do not miss out!

Here is my conversation with Katy and for links and a transcript visit http://singdanceactthrive.com/055 

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