47 minutes | Mar 12th 2020

Dora Award Winner Anisa Tejpar on DCD Dance Hall of Fame, Hit & Run Productions & the Rolling Stones

I have another dancer for you. I'm so inspired talking to all these dancers. They understand my love of JLo and Janet. They get it they understand me See you guys I was meant to be a dancer Anyways, if you are a dancer, musician, or actor, welcome. And in case you missed last week's episode, where I introduced the sing dance act, thrive progress pathway coaching program. I help musicians, actors and dancers who are driven to succeed, but struggle to get ahead. I help them cultivate authentic connections with audiences and industry gatekeepers, so that they can build a thriving career in the arts without feeling overwhelmed or doubting themselves. If you want to stop letting fear and a lack of knowledge holds you back, I can empower you with confidence and profile building strategies to propel you to the next level. 

So if that kind of sounded like you, why don't you apply for a free coaching session with me, dianefoy.com/booking, we'll figure out where you want to go and see if we're a match for me to help you get there. That could be for anyone around the world because the sessions are just on zoom online. So I hope you guys take advantage of that. If you go to the thing and you don't see a free appointment, just wait a few days and a few more will pop up, hopefully. 

So today's guest is Dora award winner, four time nominee Anissa Tejpar is a graduate of Canada's National Ballet School, and is co-artistic director of hit and run dance productions. We had a fabulous conversation about the upcoming Encore! dance hall of fame event by dance collection dance, where she's producing the performances, the Canadian dance hall of fame and it'll be held in Toronto. Anisa is very passionate about dance so I'm sure you'll be inspired, hearing her talk about her career and the amazing experiences that she's had, including dancing works by Christopher House and Guillaume Côté, working in film and television and producing events for the Rolling Stones, Mac cosmetics, Casa Loma and the Toronto International Film Festival. She's a current board member for Canada's National Ballet School.

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