37 minutes | Jun 11th 2020

Diane Foy on PR, Coaching & Podcasting Interviewed by #1 LGBT Podcast Rainbow Country's Mark Tara

Hello and welcome to episode 46 of Sing! Dance! Act! Thrive!

Calling all ARTISTS, MUSICIANS, ACTORS: You once dreamed of being where you are right now! It can be tempting to stress over not being able to perform live or missing out on the connections you would have made during that cancelled festival or conference, but at the moment you are >>>>THIS<<<< close to getting what you dreamed of. Now is not the time to doubt, but to make your dreams a reality.

I’ve used this time to increase engagement on social media, content creation, brand photography, joined another coaching program and added to my own program that empowers performing artists to BUILD CONFIDENCE, INCREASE PROFILE, & ACHIEVE GOALS.

What action can you take today that will lay the groundwork for success when this quarantine is over? 

One action you can take is I will offer you a free coaching session so if you want to join visit Diane Foy.com go to the thrive coaching section and you can apply book an appointment to see If I can help you on get on track to achieve your goals. Let's set you up to rock 2021. 

Today’s show is a bit of a twist.  I was recently interviewed on Rainbow Country by the fabulous Mark Tara and I thought you might like to hear it and learn more about me.  Rainbow Country is a radio show on CIUT 89.5FM in Toronto and is also the #1 LGBT podcast going into its 5th season offering a blend of music and interviews giving voice to the LGBT community. Mark has some exciting things in store so I will be having him on the show soon.  In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this interview. Connect with me and let me know what you think. 

This podcast has so many listeners from all over the world and I’m curious to know who you are and what topics you would like to see more of. 

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For a transcript visit http://singdanceactthrive.com/046

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