47 minutes | Dec 17th 2020

Casting Director & Acting Coach Mel Mack on Self-Tapes That Don't Suck

Hello and welcome to episode 58 of Sing! Dance! Act! Thrive!

How is everyone doing with the ending of 2020? For me, I’m trying to work on my mindset for the changes I want to make in 2021 and all that I want to accomplish. 

I’ve hit a point in my life that I’m not letting anything stop me from achieving my goals. And by anything I mean myself.

We stop ourselves in so many ways, don’t we? We don’t always acknowledge it as such though. Often the things that we procrastinate on, dismiss as not important, or avoid altogether are the very things we should be facing head-on.

Before we get to the interview with Mel, I share some vulnerabilities I have and am working on with the help of fabulous coaches to inspire you to look at your own issues that may be blocking you from achieving your goals.

If you are an actor, maybe setting yourself up to self-tape auditions is something you are procrastinating on. 

I was excited to interview Mel Mack, Casting Director and Founder of Mel Mack Acting Studio in New York City… WOW we had such a great conversation on how the Acting Industry has evolved this year.

You may have had to submit your audition as a self-tape occasionally in the past, but now lit’rally ALL your auditions AND callbacks are being handled remotely via self-tape. Even if you’re not an Actor, I betcha a basket of cute kittens that you’re spending a lot more time on camera, eh? 

Having a killer self-tape that looks and sounds professional reflects right back on your personal professionalism, and boy has Mel seen more than her fair share of disappointing self-tape submissions from Actors who she *knows* are so much better than their self-tape would suggest.

📥 Mel has created a guide for you, and it’s soooo juicy, I am so thrilled to share it with you! Mel's 6-Pillars to Self-Tapes that Don’t Suck Ebook is now available f’free baby! 📥

If you’ve been wondering how to…

💭 Step up your game on camera

💭 Know *exactly* what you need to invest in

💭 Stop wasting time and energy on materials that don’t reflect your best, profesh you

Grab the guide by clicking the link above to get it in your inbox immediately.

For other links and a transcript visit http://singdanceactthrive.com/058 

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