68 minutes | Apr 21, 2021

S1 E21 Grateful Until The Last Trumpet

Jesus is coming again but what condition will He find you in when He returns? Will, your heart be grateful for every good thing He has done for you as you awaited His return?  Join us as we deep dive into the second Parable of Matthew 25 about the end of the world and how we should be living as we await the return of Jesus. This time, Jesus wants to know how are you responding to the great wealth you have been given?  It is all about seeking Jesus on deeper theological levels.  Social Media Connections: Find us @ – Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Blogs  Check out my blogs, articles, and spiritual growth material @ www.SimplyVinnie.com  All background music is used with permission of www.purple-planet.com  Occasional background music used by permission of Solidrocksda.com and Pastor Vinnie.  (c) 2020 – 2025  
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