35 minutes | Sep 1st 2020

Episode 25: From Excessive Permissions To Least Privileges - Automating Your IAM Roles


Guest: Shira Shamban

Guest title: CEO & Co-Founder

Company: Solvo


In modern cloud environments, Identity and Access Management controls are crucial controls. Many of the access decisions are now made not based on networking structure but rather on roles and permissions. In this episode we talk (again) with Shira Shamban, founder at Solvo about cloud IAM challenges - why is it so hard to get IAM right and how Solvo is planning to revolutionize the IAM management process. 


0:00 Introducing our guest

3:00 Introducing cloud identity challenges 

6:20 Why role management is not enough

11:40 Why we fail to create least-privilege-roles  

15:10 How to manage IAM securly - the people angle

18:13 How to manage IAM securly - the process angle

21:08 How to manage IAM securly - the technology angle

31:08 Summary and last words