48 minutes | Aug 4th 2020

Episode 23: Understanding Microsoft Cloud Security Pillars


Guest: Yoad Dvir

Guest title: Security Lead, Central and Eastern Europe

Company: Microsoft


Microsoft security portfolio has been growing and diversifying in the last couple of years, adding more capabilities at various areas of information security. In order to better understand Microsoft strategy and offering, we talked with Yoad Dvir, Cyber Security Lead at Microsoft, about the Microsoft new security pillars:  Monitoring, Threat Protection and Information Protection.


 0:00 - Introducing our guest

5:45  - Introducing Microsoft security strategy

12:50 - Security monitoring pillars - Azure monitor, Sentinel, Azure analytics and more

21:10 - Microsoft Threat Protection family - Cloudapp, O365 ATP, Defender ATP, Azure ATP

30:50 - diving deeper into Cloudapp

35:30 - Microsoft Information Protection 

44:00 - summary and last words