33 minutes | Aug 3rd 2020

Episode 22: How To Do Add Open Source Code To Your Applications, Securely


Guest: Liran Tal

Guest title: Developer Advocate

Company:  Synk


Open source software takes a big part in our daily lives, and also in our development environments. Many applications developers rely on open source libraries &  tools and integrating it into their code. This is a great improvement for developers allowing them to innovate quickly and efficiently. But all this good comes with a big responsibility - open source software should be carefully examined in order to make sure its reliability. In this episode we talk with Liran Tal from Synk about the growing importance of adding security evaluation of open source software in the development cycle.


 0:00 introducing our guest

5:50 what is the challenge of open-source security

10:05 - open source security - the people angel

16:00 - open source security - the process angel

24:55 - open source security - the technology angel

29:42 summary and last words