35 minutes | Jan 22nd 2021

#332: Couple has full time jobs & three daughters, but they built a $20K per month Amazon business in just a few months

In just a few months they hit $20K per month in steady Amazon sales! Today you'll meet a couple who went from googling "how to earn money online" to finding our community and this podcast and then building a $20K per month business! Today we'll talk to Racheal Rolling. She's a ProvenAmazonCourse.com student who has an Amazon FBA business that is taking off fast! Both she and her husband have great careers in the medical field (Physicians Assistant and Pharmacist), but during Covid they decided they wanted more.  Today you'll hear their journey and strategy for getting out of debt and building the future of their dreams! LINKS:  PROVENreplenTraining.com - virtual hands on two day training  which works with you directly in your hometown through the internet and literally walks you through start to finish in finding, packing and shipping 50+ (most cases way PLUS) replens for your business with 50%-100% roi ProvenAmazonCourse.com/legends The private membership facebook group which takes your business to the next level - check out the $1 trial offer! Keepa - The data analysis program every seller who has a viable business needs to know how to use to do proper research My Silent Team Facebook group. 100% FREE! Join 62,000 + Facebook members from around the world who are using the internet creatively every day to launch and grow multiple income streams through our exciting PROVEN strategies! There's no support community like this one anywhere else in the world! JimCockrumCoaching.com -the best coaching program out there! Give us a call to set up a free strategy session with someone from our team SilentJim.com/updates - get a smartphone notification each time we have a new podcast episode!    
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