31 minutes | Oct 6, 2020

#318: Another million $ Amazon simple success strategy

Today we meet a guest who expects to sell about $1.2million on Amazon in 2020 and he learned it all from the ProvenAmazonCourse.com course and our community! It's not a complex business model. He claims (and proves!) that you can source profitable items in ANY STORE that will sell over and over again WITHOUT ever needing to "bargain hunt". For example, he shares a story about one of his top selling items that is sourced from a gas station chain where he pays full-price and still makes a great profit! He's also automated his business by building out a shopping team and a prepping team so he truly has a systemized and rapidly growing business that sells over 700 different items predictably on Amazon every month! Today's guest is Josh Rojas. As always, all show notes and links can be found at SilentJim.com/podcast

Our YouTube video channel has this interview: https://youtu.be/DYm_PfB27qg



Dave Ramsey's book: "EntreLeadership"

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