50 minutes | Sep 28, 2020

#316: 10 things our top students know about Amazon success

Do you hate scanning barcodes to find inventory? (We do too- and we don't have to!) Are you tired of "racing to the bottom" with your prices on Amazon? (We've found a solution!) Are competitors coming out with similar offers and hurting your biz? (There are strategies to prevent this!) Are you convinced that Private Label products (your own product) is the ONLY way to truly build a biz on Amazon? (That's simply NOT true!) If any of these are thoughts you've ever had about Amazon, you NEED this episode!

Check out the BEST way to get paid daily on Amazon Payability: http://go.payability.com/Jim 

As always all links can be found at SilentJim.com


ProvenAmazonCourse.com - the comprehensive course that contains ALL our Amazon modules, events and training including of course REPLENS (updated free for life).

Episode 311 - the episode you MUST listen to if you are learning Amazon selling from youtube

Humnbird.com - the branding/trademark company we refer all our students to

Keepa - the one app that we suggest for replens training

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