34 minutes | Jul 8th 2020

#295: Find your people in unexpected places

We talk a lot in this community about finding your audience first. What if you want to turn something you're interested in or passionate about into income? Where do you find that audience?   In this episode Ryan chats with Jenni Hunt about some unexpected places to find your audience, serve them and engage with them.   Even if you sell physical products online then you'll want to tune in as the strategies discussed will help you find more people to serve with your products.   Don't have a course or a book to promote?  Earn extra money by becoming an affiliate for the Proven Amazon Course and other Silent Sales Machine Products and promote them using the strategy mentioned in this episode https://silentsalesmachineaffiliates.com/   Get show notes at https://silentjim.com/podcast   This video on our YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/PVsdbqCv3tI   Get on our notification list here: SilentJim.com/updates