29 minutes | Jun 17th 2020

#289: From a Stressful Job to a Full Time Amazon Business

"Bringing Dads Home" is a quote you'll hear from time to time around here and in today's episode you'll hear from yet another dad that left his job to pursue his Amazon business full time. Jason talks about the strategy he used to create a stable business that allowed him to make the leap away from his stressful job. Links and full descriptions are at https://SilentJim.com

Jason's interview on our YouTube channel https://youtu.be/6mwi44PySO0

Amazon Legends - the group that Jason credits for much of his success https://provenamazoncourse.com/legends

$0 to $100K Replen Course - the strategy that Jason used to build a business that allowed him to quit his job https://provenamazoncourse.com/replens

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