39 minutes | Jun 12, 2020

#287: Stop scanning barcodes and build a $750K Amazon biz

After buying an expensive Amazon selling course from a company that went out of business, our guests today were a bit frustrated by the experience, but Kip and Wendy quickly found the ProvenAmazonCourse.com course and the story changed fast! To make a long story short, they quickly ramped up and expect to see $750K in sales in 2020 after just a couple months of new strategy. You'll love meeting this kind, loving couple and hearing their encouraging story of success - and BIG plans for continued growth! Guests Wendy & Kip Sykes. As always, hear all other episodes at SilentJim.com/podcast   This episode is on our YouTube channel https://youtu.be/3UAjOGkir3Q   My Silent Team Facebook group - free, friendly and tons of great helpful information   https://www.facebook.com/groups/mysilentteam/   Silent Sales Machine book - 10.0 (updated)   ProvenAmazonCourse.com : The course that teaches you the strategies used by Kip and Wendy in this episode 
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