27 minutes | May 28, 2020

#283: Do some lack a business building mindset? I say it's a choice!

A recent post in our free facebook group (we just passed 57,000 members!) was talking about mindset and it prompted me to record this. If you are struggling with having a business building mindset, you should try out the simple strategy I reveal in this episode. It's based on TIMELESS strategies that have worked for millions of successful business builders over thousands of years! It's not "wisdom from Jim" - it's "wisdom from the best selling book in world history"! Get all the links at https://SilentJim.com/podcast

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LINKS to resources mentioned in the podcast: 

Episode #213 - poverty vs. abundance

Book: Thou Shall Prosper - Rabbi Daniel Lapin

Book: Real Artists Don't Starve (Jim's thought on this title: If you make stuff that people want, you won't starve as an artist!)

Episode #50 - The things you'll have to unlearn before you'll succeed with a business

ProvenAmazonCourse.com - best selling Amazon seller training course in the world!

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