30 minutes | Apr 6th 2020

#272: Amazon "fair price" issues and our record setting sales

I recorded this episode on the say I had my most recent call with the office of a VP at Amazon to discuss GOUGING & FAIR PRICING issues. Also, our virtual live event on Tuesday next week (Apr7th) is FREE if you are a coaching student! It's HEAVILY discounted if you are a ProvenAmazonCourse.com student - join us!! Details here: ProvenAmazonCourse.com/asd. Get your discount code by emailing Support@SilentSalesMachine.com. All sessions will be recorded for easy access after the event if you miss sessions. Also, we are setting sales records and need more "essentials" if you have them! We are selling these on our own websites. If you have BULK access to fast moving essentials - contact us! Show notes at https://SilentJim.com   LINKS Discuss this episode here (it's a facebook post as well): https://www.facebook.com/groups/mysilentteam/permalink/2839636782819080/   Our virtual event starts Tuesday the 7th! ProvenAmazonCourse.com/asd   Our REPLENS course is producing incredible results - get the massive discount here: ProvenAmazonCourse.com/asd