47 minutes | Mar 2nd 2020

#264: From construction worker with zero experience to Internet giant

We last met today's guest a couple of years ago back in episode #90 of the Silent Sales Machine Radio show (SilentJim.com/podcast).   Back then he was establishing himself as a success story in our community and he had quite a story to share! Today Abe Ortolani is an established leader and coach on our team with hundreds of students in the JimCockrumCoaching.com program as well as numerous clients with brands he's helped launch. His advice to newbies? Get started and learn as you go - the opportunity is real!  It's worth going back to hear episode #90 (Abe's first appearance on this show) once you hear today's update! Watch this episode on YouTube here:  https://youtu.be/FCyhiYtCsuE   LINKS: JimCockrumCoaching.com   TheProvenConference.com - our July 2020 event in Boca Raton Florida   ProvenAmazonCourse.com (contains the PPP module and the "replens" training)   PPP sold separate here: ProvenProductPartnering.com   Replens training sold here: ProvenAmazonCourse.com/replens   Meet Abe and much of our coaching/branding team at ASD in March in Las Vegas! Details here: provenamazoncourse.com/asd/
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