18 minutes | Feb 13th 2020

#259: We are so confident that we'll fly to YOUR town & do this with you

We have been offering a training program for a few weeks now where we FLY TO YOUR HOMETOWN and step you through setting up your Amazon business and finding virtually unlimited, incredibly profitable repeat sale products right on the shelves of any/all local retailers! We've found nearly 1,000 different products so far with the first 10 students without ANY barcode scanning! Today we check in with the leader of this new program to hear how it's going! All links at https://SilentJim.com/podcast   Link: YouTube: https://youtu.be/OEay_aGLc88   ProvenReplenTraining.com : The "fly to your town" program we discuss on today's show   ProvenAmazonCourse.com/replen :  The stand alone course that teaches you to find replens   ProvenAmazonCourse.com - the comprehensive course that includes the replens training along with thousands of dollars of other training modules at a tiny fraction of the combined valued! (plus, all students of the PAC get FREE lifetime updates as we add new modules!)   The last time Jimmy was on our podcast was episode #242. Listen to that show to learn more about highly profitable "replens"   If you can't quite afford the $7000+ to have us come to your hometown? How about an online live one-on-one coach instead! Call us at JimCockrumCoaching.com
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