60 minutes | Oct 30th 2019

#230: Young couple uses ProvenAmazonCourse.com to find products with 1500x ROI

There are some very simple strategies you can use to launch your own highly profitable products on Amazon! Today we meet a ProvenAmazonCourse student. You'll enjoy this story of a young married couple who has a business that initially took off slow, but now things are ramping up fast! Jonathan Marks (our guest) also shares his thoughts on the most recent live event TheProvenConference.com that took place in Sept 2019

YouTube link: https://youtu.be/dgL1akUOuTc

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Urtasker.com - our sponsors

ProvenAmazonCourse.com: This course contains ALL our Amazon training modules including all modules discussed on today's show

TheProvenConference.com: Our next event is July 2020

PPI ProvenPerformaceInventory.com (Training on finding "golden gaps" on Amazon - also a module in the ProvenAmazonCourse)

PromotionalCompanySourcing.com : (If you buy this course on it's own, use coupon code "balloon" to save big! This course is also a module inside the ProvenAmazonCourse.com course)

The original podcast episode that talks about the "Promotional Company Sourcing" concepts: SilentJim.com/podcast episode #111