109 minutes | Sep 19, 2019

#219: Three simple strategies from Lapin that will stuff your wallet

Our keynote address on Sept 11, 2019 was delivered in front of nearly 700 attendees at "TheProvenConference" and WOW was it HUGE!  We probably should have reserved this episode ONLY for those who paid to attend, but we just had to share it because we've never seen such incredible feedback.  CAUTION: Listening to this episode may make you KICK YOURSELF for not being there...and it will almost certainly make you block out the dates of July 21-23rd 2020 (our next big event). Get ready to laugh, be challenged and EARN MORE with simple, timeless strategies from my friend Daniel Lapin. All notes are at SilentJim.com/podcast     TheProvenConference.com/boca2020 YouNeedARabbi.com
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