41 minutes | Sep 5th 2019

#217: Jeff Cohen, TheProvenConference sponsor, teaches how to pivot to persevere

Jeff Cohen of Seller Labs comes to talk with Jim today! Jeff has been in business only six years and now has 65 employees and thousands of customers. He offers our community support tools that you should check out. Today he is talking with Jim about success mentality and the needed skill set of knowing how to innovate and hurdle failure. Take the action, fail and learn how to roll with it becomes the platform in this really encouraging conversation. Jeff's overcomer's attitude with fear and the needed pivotal change and adaptation is the perfect reminder of how flexible our online businesses really are and the unlimited possibilities we are afforded in our community. You will be refreshed by this interview! Be sure to check out Jeff's resources in our show notes at SilentJim.com/podcast.   https://silentjim.com/tos Seller Lab link   TheProvenConference.com   https://youtu.be/TRr7VwNkpTY YouTube Video           
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