43 minutes | May 17, 2019

#189: Simple strategy producing $500K per year in Amazon sales

Less than two years ago Jim was approached by a young man at his church who was curious about Amazon selling. Jim connected him with the ProvenAmazonCourse.com course, and the rest is history! Today you'll meet Morgan Booher. Morgan had no internet business experience prior to listening to this podcast and taking the PAC course, but he has now built a very healthy business using only the basic RA strategies that he shares in this episode. Morgan has gone on to hire his wife and mom as well to help support his exploding business. You'll love this encouraging episode! As always, show notes and links can be found at silentjim.com/podcast   Watch and listen on our youtube video https://youtu.be/Q1Hz6wUI7vc   LINKS: My Silent Team Facebook group Proven Product Partnering course TheProvenConference  
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