47 minutes | Apr 22nd 2019

#183: Dad in Slovakia leaves career to support family with ProvenAmazonCourse.com

Jozef lives in Slovakia and had a great career, but he now supports his wife and child by selling on Amazon U.S. - from Slovokai!  He's living proof that no matter where you live in the world, you can successfully build a business on Amazon!  Meet JimCockrumCoaching.com student Jozef Biz (we call him "Joe Biz"). Just days before this interview he left behind his 50 hour per week corporate career because he now built an incredible Amazon business. He can supports his family with the income and flexibility he's established that far surpasses his previous job. He never touches or ships any of his inventory himself as he sells on Amazon.com in the U.S. Hear his creative strategies and be inspired by our latest ProvenAmazonCourse.com success story! All show notes are at SilentJim.com/podcast   TheProvenConference.com/uk (May 2019)   TheProvenConferenece.com (the U.S. event Sept 2019)   TheProvenAmazonCourse.com   JimCockrumCoaching.com (the coaching program Jozef used) View this interview on Youtube here: https://youtu.be/ShpAQABWwMI