20 minutes | Jan 17th 2019

#161: A rant AGAINST the dropship business model

As a rule, we are not fans of dropship business models - and for good reason.  Today Jim dives into why he almost never suggests to new online business builders (or even experienced online business builders) that they should get into dropshipping on Amazon, eBay or other major platforms.  Let's explore the risks and tell the story of a guy who sold nearly $70 million dropshipping and isn't advising anyone to go down that road. We'll tell you what you should be doing instead though! All episodes and show notes are at SilentJim.com Stay updated with us on Facebook Messenger     Amazon101Course.com - just the basics of getting started - step-by-step   ProvenAmazonCourse.com - our comprehensive Amazon training   SilentSalesMachine.com - the book that started it all