40 minutes | Apr 28, 2020

Bad Widow, Alison Pena, Talks About Overcoming Grief and Strategies for Living Powerfully

Alison Pena, an international speaker, life legacy consultant, author of "Grief, Navigating the 3 levels of loss" and creator of "The Affluence Code," shares her insights, experiences and strategies for living powerfully. Alison was married to her husband David for 25 years. When he was diagnosed with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer and was given only a short time to live, they decided to live fully every minute of every day.  Preparing for loss like this was an impossible thing to do. Becoming a widow only led Alison to a loss of energy, memory and drowning in a seemingly endless landscape of grief and despair. Despite her many challenges, Alison continued to look for and find solutions. She took baby steps to expand her capacity proactively and was able to get back on her feet again through writing, blogging and speaking engagements. Throughout this podcast, Alison will share her insights, experiences and strategies for living powerfully.  Alison Pena can be reached at https://badwidow.com/ where you can receive 1 on 1 Bad Widow consulting and take a Free Living (Really Living) After Loss Assessment and learn where you stand on healing from within, reinventing yourself and rebuilding your supportive community now. 01:28 – Alison discusses the loss of her former husband, David, after 25 years of marriage 03:02 – Fact: You will lose someone in your life and you will eventually pass away 04:40 – Deciding to live the remainder of our lives to the fullest 06:37 – Living Fearlessly and living life despite the inevitable. Not just a widow or a caregiver 08:04 – You don’t know what you can handle. The hospital was not an option. Home was the option for the remaining days 09:09 – Dealing with loss. Life is short, life is precious. Live like today is the last 12:20 – Loss during the second year 14:03 – Three levels of loss and the best ways to navigate through them 18:50 – People either step up, step back or step out 21:00 – People need direction in how to deal with other’s grief. They need to be trained 24:05 – Being clear with others about your needs and wants for dealing with grief 29:33 – Compartmentalizing and not dealing with the grief 31:39 – Rebuilding your community of people in your life 33:30 – My loss is worse than your loss. Your loss is worse than mine 36:15 – Being that Silent Presence. The ripple effect and paying it forward 37:46 – Alison Pena future books, presentations and speaking engagements For more information about the Silent Presence Podcast visit https://silentpresencepodcast.com/ Intro/Outro music courtesy of Purple Planet Music (Dreamcatcher)
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