60 minutes | Jun 24, 2020

ep. 37: Mostly Lost, Keaton’s The Cameraman and The General, an electric organ and Laurel & Hardy

On this episode Ben talks about: the annual Mostly Lost film identification workshop at the Library of Congress, currently postponed until 2021; underscoring a key scene in Keaton’s “The Cameraman” and noticing a parallel with “Singin’ In The Rain”, playing for “Spite Marriage”, the challenge of introducing and presenting “The General” at a college show; playing for Laurel & Hardy on a 1980s electric theatre organ, and using that console’s MIDI function to bring the sound of the Wurlitzer to a cinema; how Ben chooses and utilizes piano or organ for score recordings, and much more. episode 37: “Comedy Today! – Buster Keaton and Laurel & Hardy” Missing the Mostly Lost workshop, cancelled this year due to the pandemic Making an alternate accompaniment for The Cameraman The Cameraman’s kiss in the rain and Singin’ In The Rain: Copy, homage or coincidence? Spite Marriage comes to life with an audience Mark Fuller, member of Southwest Silents in Bristol, England talks about The Silent Comedy Watch Party Putting The General in context and avoiding too much chase music Sponsorship: Found at Mostly Lost, Volumes 1 & 2 from Undercrank Productions How Ben became a home video distributor  Finding different ways to accompany the scare gags in  Liberty with Laurel & Hardy Playing Wurlitzer sampled sound through MIDI at the AFI Silver Theatre on an Allen 3600 electric organ FAQ – How do you record your prepared accompaniments? Kerr recommends the podcast You Must Remember This: Episodes 121-131, Fact-checking Hollywood Babylon – the Silent Era Links from the episode: The Mostly Lost workshop Buster receives a kiss in the rain in The Cameraman (We recommend you turn the sound off.) The Cameraman and Singin’ In The Rain side by side on YouTube Spite Marriage – Buster puts his drunken bride to bed (Ignore the Oscar Peterson music track) Found At Mostly Lost Volume 1 – DVD from Undercrank Productions Found at Mostly Lost Volume 2 – DVD from Undercrank Productions Liberty with a non-synchronous Victor music track You Must Remember This: Fact-Checking Hollywood Babylon – Episode 1: Griffith and the Gish Sisters
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