65 minutes | Oct 12, 2017

ep. 26: reinterpreting 1929 Buster Keaton, playing into a film, anticipating mood transitions

Welcome and intro - reports on recent shows and recordings, and October DVD releases - starting a score at a performance: playing the audience into the film - performance clip: "The Temptress" with Garbo & Moreno, on organ at the LoC - explanation of the podcast's theme - anticipating mood shifts and when to make the change - performance clip: "Metropolis" in Brooklyn - finding a way to make the most of "Spite Marriage" with Buster Keaton - score clip: original 1929 score recording - reasoning behind my choices for the same sequence - performance clip: "Spite Marriage" at the Iola Buster Keaton Festival - my defunct altscore.com service lives on? - upcoming show info: shorts at the Silent Clowns, Nosferatu in Nyack, Keaton and Slapstick Divas at the AFI Silver - signoff and thank you.Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes or Stitcher; please consider supporting the podcast at Patreon.
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