47 minutes | Jun 8th 2020

49 - Hackathon 2

Continuing on from episode 45, we speak with Teri Sippel Schmidt and some of her current and former students on their experience participating in the annual SIIM Hackathon.  Don't miss out on this year's virtual Hackathon. Details are available here: https://siim.org/page/hacking_healthcare Connect with us! You can find our podcast on Apple Podcast, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, or anywhere else you subscribe to podcasts. Please help us out by leaving a review on Apple Podcasts. You can find us on Twitter: @SIIM_Tweets, and individually at @arjunsharmarad, @jaynagels, @AAnandMD Visit us at https://siim.org/page/siimcast Special Thanks to @RandalSilvey of http://podedit.com for editing and post processing support.  
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