38 minutes | Apr 20th 2018

14 – Gaming & Interactive with Kim Libreri, Jerry Rees, and Joji Tsuruga

ABOUT THE EPISODE SIGGRAPH 2018 Real-Time Live! Chair Jesse Barker (software developer, Unity Technologies) sits down with gaming and interactive innovators Kim Libreri (CTO, Epic Games), Jerry Rees (creative lead – Magic Bench, Disney Research), and Joji Tsuruga (realtime supervisor, The Mill). In addition to their expertise, two of our guests have been honored with the SIGGRAPH Best Real-Time Graphics and Interactivity Award at recent conferences for projects “The Human Race” (2017) and “From Previs to Final in Five Minutes” (2016). Tune in as they talk gaming and interactive trends in computer graphics, what’s next for technology, and share advice for the next generation of creators. || MUSIC Podcast theme, "SIGGRAPH," composed by Julius Dobos. || LINKS *Episode* https://s2018.siggraph.org/conference/gaming-and-interactive/ | http://www.themill.com/ | https://www.disneyresearch.com/innovations/magic-bench/ | https://www.epicgames.com/ | http://www.jojitsuruga.com/ | http://www.jerryrees.com/ | http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0508912/ | https://s2018.siggraph.org/conference/conference-overview/real-time-live/ *Social Media* http://blog.siggraph.org/ | https://www.facebook.com/SIGGRAPHConferences | https://twitter.com/siggraph | https://www.youtube.com/user/ACMSIGGRAPH | https://www.instagram.com/acmsiggraph/ | https://www.linkedin.com/company/acm-siggraph/ | "siggraph" on Snapchat *Conference Website* http://s2018.siggraph.org/
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