41 minutes | Dec 22nd 2017

10 – SIGGRAPH, Leonardo, and the Future of Art

To celebrate the “generations” of SIGGRAPH and the 50th anniversary of the Leonardo journal, Danielle Siembieda (Managing Director, Leonardo/ISAST) sat down with an expert panel to discuss Leonardo’s history with the SIGGRAPH conference, its upcoming 50th anniversary and where the future of art — and the conference — is headed. Panelists include: Ernest Edmonds (Professor of Computational Art, De Montfort University; Founding Director, Creativity and Cognition Studios, University of Technology, Sydney), Jacquelyn Martino, Ph.D. (STSM, IBM Research AI), Andrés Burbano (Associate Professor – Design Department, Universidad de los Andes; Art Gallery chair, SIGGRAPH 2018), Roger Malina (Distinguished Professor of Art and Technology, and Professor of Physics, University of Texas at Dallas; Executive Editor, Leonardo Publications, MIT Press), and Angus Forbes (Assistant Professor – Computational Media Department, University of California, Santa Cruz; Art Papers chair, SIGGRAPH 2018). MUSIC Podcast theme, "SIGGRAPH," composed by Julius Dobos. LINKS *Episode* https://www.leonardo.info/ http://www.ernestedmonds.com/www/index.htm https://creativecoding.soe.ucsc.edu/ http://www.utdallas.edu/atec/malina/ http://www.burbane.net/ https://twitter.com/jamartino *Social Media* http://blog.siggraph.org/ https://www.facebook.com/SIGGRAPHConferences https://twitter.com/siggraph https://www.instagram.com/acmsiggraph/ "siggraph" on Snapchat *Conference Website* http://s2018.siggraph.org/
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