62 minutes | Oct 30, 2015

Episode 335 :: LAUREN PANEPINTO on Empathy

In nerd literature, the empath is the character that "feels things deeply." Often to help his or her team figure out what their next move should be. On today's podcast, we dive head first into that topic — empathy. Is empathy something that can be taught or is it instinctual like the moral impulse? In what ways does it benefit a creative person to put themselves in the shoes of a client, or even their audience? And can you develop empathy until it becomes another skill in your skill set? Joining me in "feeling all the feels" is my friend, art director Lauren Panepinto (Orbit Books). Lauren is also a member of the Muddy Colors collective and wrote a recent blog post on the subject of empathy. She is as adept with her words as she is with images!
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