60 minutes | Dec 1, 2017

Sidequest - Tim Curry: Dinosaur Hunter

Right so.... Apologies Tim Curry.. We and by we, I mean Reg messed up, we know you're not dead.. so to celebrate, we are doing a HUUUGGGEE Tim Curry special, covering all your favourite Tim Curry roles, like The Doom Marine, Turok, Anne from Trespasser etc.. We know the list is limitless.Thinking about it, is it really a Tim Curry podcast or a pod dedicated to FPS's??? Who knows, well, we do, you need to listen in to find outOf course along the way we get distracted and go off topic, but hey that's why this is called a Sidequest!You can now catch up with the weekly quest log on your preferred choice of device by clicking on the links below:https://itunes.apple.com/.../side-quest-activat.../id1262139195... - Applehttp://feeds.feedburner.com/sidequestactivated - All your other preferred devicesWe hope you enjoy the show and as usual if you have any comments feel free to pop them in the box below.Any suggestions for future pods?? don't be shy, we wouldn't be able to go on a sidequest without any quest givers now would we? See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.
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