2 minutes | Jul 26th 2019

Update and Announcement

We know it's been a while since we last posted an episode, so here's an update on what's been going on and what will be going on in the future.

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[Sick Sad World Intro]

[Mari]: Hi it's Mari from Sick Sad World. I'm here today with an announcement and a bit of an update on where we've been. So the last few months I know we've been promising episodes and never falling through, and that's because both of us had a lot of personal and professional issues come up over the last few months and so we've put off recording week after week. We realized that we were both feeling pretty burnt out and because this is an unpaid project that we're doing, we had to put our kind of professional careers first.

That being said we don't want this podcast to be over so we are going to be coming back in the fall with a season two. The reason we're calling this a season two and not just a continuation of our podcast is because we are going to do a little bit of restructuring. We're gonna be taking this time to try and figure out the best way that Sick Sad World can grow and be the kind of content that we really want to put out there.

So as always we invite you to reach out to us either through social media (we will still be monitoring our pages) or through email at SickSadWorldPod@gmail.com and you know, let us know how you want to see the podcast to grow. Anyways, please reach out.

We also encourage you to reach out with any sponsorship opportunities that you may have or any other ways that you might want to support the podcast. Just let us know.

So as always, don't be a murder and we'll hear from you in the fall.

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