54 minutes | Sep 23, 2020

Shuttle Pod Supplemental: “Sub Rosa” Audio Commentary

This week we bring you another audio commentary, wherein you, the listener, are invited to watch an episode of Star Trek along with the Shuttle Pod crew, who just won’t shut up and talk over the whole thing. It’s a fun time and an opportunity to listen to the opinionated chit chat of some internet strangers while you watch Star Trek. What’s not to love, particularly when that episode is none other than the infamous episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, “Sub Rosa”. Yes, that one. Yes, the one where Beverly Crusher reads erotic diary entries in her recently departed grandmother’s diary and makes love to a ghost candle. Shuttle Pod hosts Kayla Iacovino and friend-of-the-show Kara Brugman sit down to discuss this, erm, special episode.
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