78 minutes | Feb 4th 2015

7: Chris Cerrone | Why following his dream was the best decision ever!

Chris Cerrone is a co-host for a top business podcast and has touched the lives of thousands of people.  Through his originality, he has been able to leave corporate completely, and follow his dream of working for himself and making his own rules.  Please join me in welcoming Chris to the show and as always, I hope you learn more than what you already knew!   Highlights from today's show: Chris and Laci are being pulled into many directions Chris walked away from a mid-six figure offer after being laid off How he changed his podcast Why Chris keeps going, who is he doing this for Is Chris living his dream? Chris aka, the master of analogies, talks about Full House What does Chris and his family do on the weekend Who should you surround yourself with? How do you stand out from the crowd? We talk about playing Craps What is The Next Level Society? Why did Chris and Laci start it? How to incorporate YouTube We have a surprise guest and he sings for us! What’s a brain dump? We discuss squinching  Let Chris know you care!  Click the tweet below! [ctt title="Thank you @bluegeno for sharing your inspiring story! @bjaguado" tweet="Thank you @bluegeno for sharing your inspiring story! @bjaguado #podcast #business" coverup="vfcG1"]  You ca
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