42 minutes | Jan 28th 2015

6: Zach and Jody Gray | Their clients always get two lead shooters

Zach and Jody have been shooting for almost 10 years now and they have grown their business to something they never imagined.  They are great photographers, entrepreneurs, and now parents.  Zach and Jody travel to do workshops, speaking engagements, and still find time to photograph weddings.  I am honored to have them on my show!  Hope you enjoy! Highlights from today's show: We both shop at IKEA. The benefits of working with your spouse Zach and Jody inform their clients that they are getting two lead shooters Who takes lead during the day and when Ceremony duties Always keep in mind where can you fill in the gaps, what is being missed They talk about how they are able to communicate with each other via walkie-talkies Second shooter etiquette How to prep your second shooter prior to the big day Dress appropriately Stay focused! Be aware of how you position yourself to other photographers You have to go where the people are Zach and Jody suggest ways to get your gigs What Zach and Jody are doing to help other photographers We talk about off camera lighting We go over favorite food and of course coffee! How often do they look at their marketing strategies Work on your business, not in your business You can find Zach and Jody here: www.zachandjody.com
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