42 minutes | Jan 21st 2015

5: Greg Zuffelato | Eating fats are actually good for you

For over 20 years Greg has been investigating and researching everything related to nutrition and exercise.  He has coached high school and college basketball for 13 of those years.  He's always been a life-long learner, picking up a Master's degree in leadership, a certification to train athletes – Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist - with National Strength and Conditioning Association, and a personal training certification through the National Association of Sports Medicine.  Because of his own struggles and the struggles of those around him, Greg has committed the rest of his life to helping people around the world escape the physical, mental and emotional torment they experience with continued failure to lose weight.    Highlights from today's show: Who is Greg and how can he help Why he skyrocketed from 200lbs to 265lbs What should we be putting into our bodies Start eating whole foods How Greg knew it was time to make a change his health lifestyle How we can go about prepping our food for the wedding day Why we need to move away from processed foods What are healthy fats What’s the deal with the power bars they sell What about brown rice What is the Paleo diet Greg’s recommendation regarding sugar and artificial sugar What if you are surrounded by fast food and you are starving How do we handle exercise Body weight exercises What is high intensity interval training (HIIT) What about Insanity and P90X What is the first step to better nutrition
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