34 minutes | Jan 14th 2015

4: Kara Reese | The benefits of owning a studio

Kara (kah-raw) =) is a newborn, wedding and senior photographer located in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin in beautiful Lake Country whose mission is to provide you with creative, custom portraits that show the real you.  Kara walks us through how her and her husband work together on wedding days.  Kara also speaks on owning her own studio and what it takes to manage it. Highlights from today's show: Her now husband was her first senior shoot client The hardships of a wedding photographer choosing a wedding photographer for her own wedding What situation forced Kara to always bring a second camera body Her sister helped her get her first second shooter gig What did Kara wait 3 years for? Other photographers are not competition, they are coworkers Expectations of the second shooter What Kara does for SEO
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