51 minutes | Jan 24, 2020

Ep. 8 - The Trial Of McCavity (Cats)

What is Cats? Seriously, what is it? I don't understand. Nikki explained it for a while but that only made it more confusing. It's plagued the last few months of my life. It's hurt. It's pain. I don't know how to comprehend it. And now I have to write a fanfiction about it? What? How do you even start with that? Should I pretend I know what I'm talking about? Damn... this sucks! Follow a hotshot lawyer as he tries to navigate the criminal world of Cats and follow Bryn as he slowly and horrifyingly loses his mind.Follow us on twitter!!  Nikki - @penichillin  / Bryn - @eatchillis / Show - @showmeyourfic.  Show Me Your Fic is a fanfiction project by Nikki Miller and Bryn Richards. Every other Friday they upload an episode to all available streaming platforms. This episode was uploaded on Friday 24/01/2020. 
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