51 minutes | Jul 3, 2020

Ep. 13 - Glee Seasons Five and Six

Your favourite ficheads are back! After a few months hiatus, we're getting back into our bi-weekly schedule for a hot fic summer!! As a triumphant return, Nikki and Bryn attempt to write seasons five and six of their least favourite, favourite TV show: GLEE! Maybe their relationship to the show will be a classic "enemies-to-lovers", or maybe they'll just continue making it the villain of Show Me Your Fic. WE'RE BACK BABEY!                                                                                                                          Follow us on twitter!!  Nikki - @penichillin / Bryn - @eatchillis / Show - @showmeyourfic.  Show Me Your Fic is a fanfiction project by Nikki Miller and Bryn Richards. Every other Friday they upload an episode to all available streaming platforms. This episode was uploaded on Friday 03/07/2020
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