35 minutes | Jul 6th 2020

Seeing Mom With Soft Eyes

"There's a lot of waking up going on with woman", says Rosjke.  "Women, were expected to be  emotionally mute and not have any needs of their own."  It's sad but true, too many generations of the women caring for the family and home did not have a voice of their own.  This is one of the main causes for the miscommunication between  mother and  daughter.

Ms. Hasseldine goes on to say "to understand the mother-daughter relationship, you really need to understand how women are treated in society."

For the most part, mothers did the best they could, with what they were given. But "women have more power than what they think, "it's what we do with what we've been given" that  really matters.  

The Huff Post says, "Rosjke Hasseldine is the world's pre-eminent     mother-daughter relationship expert with over 20 years listening to women and girls from around the world talk about their lives and relationships. Rosjke is the creator of the Mother-Daughter Coaching Model which uncovers and explains the hidden dynamics between mothers and daughters."

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Rosjke Hasseldine is the author of two books:

1. "The Mother-Daughter Puzzle"

2. "Silent Female Scream" 

Books that Ms. Hasseldine recommends:

  1. "The New Don't Blame Mother" by Paula  J. Caplan Ph.D.
  2. "Of Women Born" by Adrienne Rich