56 minutes | Nov 19th 2019

175: Benjamin Shine – Using Unconventional Tools For Art

“It’s a material that is half not there and I find that fascinating.”

Welcome to today’s episode of NION Radio where we’re talking to Benjamin Shine, an artist who may not seem like a tutu kind of guy, but who has a background in women’s wear and makes fantastic art with single pieces of tulle fabric. After being encouraged to leave fashion school in his third year, he focused his efforts on creating two items of clothing from a single piece of fabric before going down the inventor-designer rabbit hole.

Finding clarity from chaos, Benjamin Shine has found success in the art world using gravity and the density of material to create form rather than just images. I brought Benjamin in to talk about his graveyard of old irons, his recent collaborations with designers like John Galliano, and his spiritual journey as it relates to his art.

Listen in to today’s episode to learn how Benjamin found his medium of choice, developed his business techniques, and what his creative process looks like.

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“When I find an iron with a point, I’m pretty happy, but they blow up from time to time which is a hassle.”

Some things we learn in this podcast:
  • What sparked Ben’s interest in fashion [5:35]
  • What differentiates the way artists and designers think [8:00]
  • How to handle the business side of art [9:40]
  • How Ben afforded to pivot so early in his career [19:40]
  • What Ben’s creative process looks like [21:00]
  • The themes present in Ben’s art [32:40]
  • What Ben’s life as an artist looks like while living in different cities [49:49]
  • What Ben’s day to day life is like [50:40]
  • How Ben’s wife turned her health around [52:24]

Connect with Benjamin Shine on Instagram | Benjaminshine.com

Here is some of Benji’s amazing work!