8 minutes | Oct 29th 2019

172: When You Make SH*T Art

“When you make shit art, you just have to get up and make more art.”

You just got done with your big project. Your magnum opus. You had been envisioning it for years, it was beautiful, it was impactful, it was amazing! But when all was said and done, and you stepped back, it didn’t look like that at all. It looked like shit.

If this has happened to you, contrary to what you may have thought at that point, you are not alone. And today’s episode of NION Radio is all about what to do when what you make doesn’t live up to what you saw in your head. Listen in to learn what it means if you find yourself making shit art, what to do next, and what it takes to stop making shitty art.

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“When you feel like you’re making shit art, it’s really about the fact that you haven’t closed the gap between what you envisioned and what you actually produced.”

Some things we learn in this podcast:
  • What it means if you think the art you’re making is shit [1:19]
  • Why accepting the process is key to long term growth [2:15]
  • Learning from our mistakes and how to move past them [2:51]
  • When quantity might end up being better than quality [5:48]
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