60 minutes | Oct 22nd 2019

171: Bryce Kennedy – How To Convert Anger Into Power And Creativity

“IST gets back to that root of your beliefs, so you can open up that belief that was formed in your life.”

“I was an attorney who worked 90 hour weeks. I had a lovely bleeding stomach ulcer. I was plagued by decades of sleepless nights due to night terrors. I liked my scotch almost as much as I liked my daily cheesesteaks. But let’s not forget my friends; anxiety, fear, doubt, hate, and depression. They were the background noise of my life. Oh, the joy of living. Ha. But eventually, I stopped laughing.”

These are the words of today’s guest, Bryce Kennedy, an Inner Space Techniques (IST) practitioner who also specializes in feng shui, mindfulness, and energetic consultation for businesses that care. Since beginning his journey with IST, Bryce has found a path to his highest self and his goal is to bring that awareness to every single person he works with.

Listen in to learn more about Inner Space Techniques, overcoming your default wiring, and how to start your own path towards using your anger creatively.

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“I want to see what I’m capable of, where I thought I was X and all of a sudden I’m the entire alphabet.”

Some things we learn in this podcast:
  • What IST is and how Bryce got into it [3:41]
  • Bryce’s education in IST and what he has been learning [11:30]
  • How our “default wiring” of reactionary living is affected by IST [19:44]
  • How Bryce helps his clients confront their anger in an honest way and use it creatively [26:48]
  • What Bryce sees in his clients that makes them available to the IST practice [38:14]
  • How feng shui ties into Bryce’s work and why it brought him so much fulfillment [43:22]
  • Bryce’s recommendation for anybody looking to improve their space without hiring a feng shui expert [51:30]
  • What’s next for Bryce and his different ventures [54:04]
Links Mentioned:

Connect with Bryce Kennedy on BryceKennedy.co | BryceKennedy.co/blog