79 minutes | Sep 17th 2020

The Organic Underdog - Overcoming Addiction, Finding True Love & Creating His Dream Business - An Organic Vegan Restaurant - True Flavours

Hello and welcome to the Sustainable Life App AND Sustainable Life Podcast! My name is M and I am the founder of the app and Host of this podcast. The Sustainable Life App connects  you with eco conscious businesses and brands in your area. Download the free app on Apple and Android today! Today's interview is a unique one and I felt the need to do a video introduction because this interview is a VERY long one but also well worth it. To give some context for those of you listening to the podcast, the Sustainable Life App has a fun video feature through which you can learn more about the Sustainable Brands and Businesses who you're interested in supporting. We're going to meet Edward and Noha. Two very passionate restaurant and catering entrepreneurs who have just started a wonderful organic vegan business called, True Flavours in Kelowna, BC Canada.  I'm going to be frank... for those of you looking to JUST learn about the restaurant and the vision behind the business, I encourage you to shuffle to the approximately 1 hour mark of this interview. AND for those of you who enjoy love stories and hearing about people who have overcome multiple adversities including but not limited to severe alcoholism and drug addiction, then I suggest you listen to this entire interview.  So without further adieu, let's get started! www.sustainablelifeapp.com
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