30 minutes | Oct 1st 2020

How to Raise Awareness About Climate Change Whilst Sticking it to Donald Trump - Ollie Nancarrow with Born Eco Marketplace UK

How passionate are you about climate change? Have you ever thought of an out of the box idea to attract attention and maybe stick it to a world leader you disprove of? Our next guest has Ollie Nancarrow the founder of the UK marketplace Born Eco! Hello and welcome to the Sustainable Life Podcast. My name is M and I'm the host of this podcast and the founder of the sustainable life app - an app for Sustainable Living Made Easy! The Sustainable Life App (free on Apple and Android) connects you with sustainable brands and businesses worldwide. And the purpose of this podcast is to interview various experts and inspiring individuals around the world about topics relating to... sustainability. Like today's guest! In 2019 us president  Donald Trump visited the UK and young Ollie (with the help of his parents) took out his lawnmower and mowed a huge image of a penis and above it wrote "Oi Trump" and on the other side of his lawn mowed a big image of a bear and with that wrote "Climate Change Is Real". Ollie's image went viral and he was featured on Jimmie Kimmel Live. He also upset some noteworthy "people"... and was taken into custody. I'm not going to say anymore because stories are so much better when heard by the originator. I will however say that for a visual representation of Ollie sharing some key parts of his story, please visit out the sustainable life app instagram or facebook pages where I share some fun podcast video snippets with all of you in our beloved community. Our instagram and facebook handles are @sustainable life app - so without further adieu, let's get started. www.sustainablelifeapp.com www.born-eco.com
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