37 minutes | Nov 21st 2019

Discussing why we have "Phosphate-Free" on our laundry, soap and other products with the IISD

Listen and learn about how chemicals in our water, impact our health!  In this podcast M interviews Sumeep Bath with the IISD (International Institute for Sustainable Development). Join M as she learns about how we have Canada's experimental lakes to thank for "Phosphate-Free" detergents, soaps and other products and how the products we consume, don't just impact the environment - but also our health!  For more info on Shop with M visit: www.shopwithm.com  For more info on the IISD visit: https://www.iisd.org  Recap on Sumeep's suggestions for consuming sustainably: - Research the products that you consume and google their impact on the environment and your health! - Talk to your local government about your concerns!  - Drink filtered water! (that one's from both M and Sumeep). 
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